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GRIND Banking

Mobile App Sign Up Concept

GRIND Banking is a 100% black-owned debit card and mobile banking company designed to build financial tools focused on bringing advantage, education and support to African Americans as well as all underserved and inner city communities.




Branding, UX/UI



Design an easy way for customers to sign up for a new bank account via a mobile device for neobank, Grind Banking.

“Without a game plan and without a strong sense of faith in what you’re doing, it’s gonna be real hard to accomplish anything.”
- Nipsey Hustle

The Problem:

It is not currently possible to sign up for a Grind Banking Debit Card within its mobile app. The current sign up process has to be completed via desktop or mobile web. It isn’t user-friendly, offers poor interactions, and frequently has glitches that kicks a potential customer out of the signup flow, losing their entered information in the process. 

The Solution:

Create an easy to use mobile solution that allows customers to quickly sign up for an account. The solution should be simple, easy to use, and allow users to choose their desired card option. 

Design Planning and Research:

After defining the problem and identifying the solution, the next step involves design planning and research. In this phase, I’ll build an inspirational mood board, sketch out ideas and build wireframe task flows that solves for user requirements. 

Rough Sketches:


Low-Fidelity Wireframes / Task Flows


High Fidelity Mock-Ups

After brainstorming, sketching out ideas and creating rough wireframe task flows, I’m ready to start working on hi-fidelity mockups based on items gathered in the planning phase.

Sign Up@2x.png
Personal Info@2x.png
Personal Info Error@2x.png
Personal Info Correct@2x.png
Contact Info@2x.png
Password Terms@2x.png
Password Accept 2@2x.png
Choose Card Grey@2x.png
Identity Verification@2x.png
Choose Card Black@2x.png
Verify Review@2x.png

Interactive Prototype

After completing all the essential screens and flows based on the user requirements, the final step is to create an interactive prototype so that we can validate the user flows and usability with the team and actual users via usability studies.  


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